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Sonic Adventure X Ep.2 :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 6 5
Teejay and Gardevoir Read a WoC Fanfic page 4
    :  Prevoiously on the unnamed fanfic looseley based on my World of Chaos series, a bunch of stuff that made no sense happened. Which brings us to page 4, the long awaited battle between Carter and Ember.
    :  How many more pages of this is there?
    :  Nine in total.
    :  Aww... Man!
    :  Oh come on. All you have to do is sit there and make sarcastic comments. Which is pretty much all you do anyway. Besides, this page should be short because it's mostly just the battle. So let's go.
Xenomorph:  Carter sighed as he sifted through the evidence one by one the pieces began to fall together, they were pictures of his team. He sighed and looked at them with a scowl "So she isn't dead after all.
:iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 0 0
Teejay and Murkrow Read a WoC Fanfic page 3
    :   Murkrow. Murk. Krow krow. Murk murkrow.
    :  Welcome back everyone. I am Teejay and this is my Murkrow. For today's page, Gardevoir decided sleeping in was more important then helping read this fanifc which is loosely based on my WoC series. I am impressed however, she usually doesn't make sound decisions. Murkrow will be joining us instead. I am pretty fluent in Dark-type Pokemon language, so I will translate for you. Now we're on to page 3 which is filled with lots of ACTION and a bunch of stuff that makes no sense! Here's the link:…
    :  (On last page, boy Carter and girl Ember plan to sneak into Rocket hideout to find Pikachu. I don
:iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 0 1
Teejay and Gardevoir read a WoC fanfic page 2
    :  Welcome back. I am Teejay and this is my Gardevoir. We're currently reading a fanfic on Gaia Online loosely based on WoC (and mocking it a bit). This is not to be mean or disrespectful to the authors, it's just for fun. Let's get started! Here's the link to page 2:…
    :  When we last left our melodramatic pair of heroes Carter and Ember, they were taking a mission from Officer Jenny to go undercover in Team Rocket. Gee... DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR!?
    : I can't wait to hear what their mission is.
Xenomorph:  Carter chuckled and nodded "I know, but I love to point it out still" He sighed and thought about everything that would trans
:iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 0 3
Teejay and Gardevoir read a WoC Fanfic page 1

 Hello friends! I am Teejay and this is my Gardevoir. Today we are going to look at page one of a fanfic loosely based on my Pokemon fan series, World of Chaos.
    : First, Teejay will tell me what a fanfic is.
   : A fanfic is when a person likes a story made by someone else and writes their own version or spin off.
    : Why wouldn't someone just come up with their own story instead of ripping off someone else's?
   : Careful Gardevoir, WoC is a fanfic I based on someone else's idea. If I had written an original story, you wouldn't exist.
Now, let's get right down to business. The story we'll be reading is called... Uh... It has no title, only "Pokemon World of Chaos 1x1 between God-of-Death & Xen
:iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 1 1
Pokemon WoC: Stadium :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 38 13 Pokemon: World of Chaos EP 8 - Yesterday History :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 16 3 Pokemon: World of Chaos EP 7 - Long Road :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 8 3 Pokemon: World of Chaos EP 6 - Old Wounds :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 9 5 Pokemon: World of Chaos EP 5 - Order Island :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 6 0 Pokemon: World of Chaos EP 4 - The Oceaness :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 9 2 Pokemon: World of Chaos EP 3 - Sacrifice :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 7 0 Pokemon: World of Chaos EP 2 - Snag the Dark Pkmn! :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 9 1 Pokemon: World of Chaos EP 1 - Infiltration :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 10 2 Tie Fighter Assault: SE Box Art :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 0 1 Tri Fighter Assault: Mobile CWE :iconteejaynumber13:teejaynumber13 0 3


Slenderman VS. The Blair Witch :iconrobinelyce:RobinElyce 41 9 Nintendo Mermaids :) :iconpeachyestela:PeachyEstela 72 21 Types- Twilight :iconshepherd0821:shepherd0821 9,247 1,470 Dining with Gardevoirs :iconmisterploxy:MisterPloxy 750 143 Officer Jenny XY without Tights :icondarthraner83:darthraner83 25 1 Sawk :iconroky320:Roky320 90 7 Meloetta - Animation Test :icontheboogie:TheBoogie 659 133 Morshu Other Mmm :icongregarlink10:Gregarlink10 253 69 Tutorial - How to Draw Anime Heads/Female Bodies :iconmicky-k:Micky-K 2,175 131 Fairy Tale - Pokeshipping :iconendless-rainfall:Endless-Rainfall 3,271 1,135 Future Ahsoka :icongrantgoboom:grantgoboom 3,192 256 Zelda's Dating Tips :icontompreston:TomPreston 6,774 1,307 Kiri-kiriban :iconivi-chani:ivi-chani 820 69 Super Smash Adventures Christmas......... In July :iconw00twithbrawl:w00twithBrawl 56 33 Zelda Hero Returns Episode 42 :iconzeldaheroreturns:ZeldaHeroReturns 6 9


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Yes, ep 9 & 10 of WoC are coming. Slowly but surely. I didn't work on it over the summer like I hoped. Mostly just a lack of motivation coupled with my full time job as a manger leaves me exhausted after work. So on and so forth.


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Thomas Jared "Teejay" Lupton
United States
This is... Teejay's DeviantArt page!

Hey you!.. Welcome!

I am Teejay and I'm trying to become more active on DA, even though I suck as an artist. It's not a skill I developed but I wish I had. My aptitudes include writing and programming. Making flash games is what I like to do the most, of course you need graphics to do that, so I'm trying to improve on my art. Right now, I prefer to do line art cause it just looks better then my freehand.

It's very satisfying to build a picture, flash movie, or game from scratch (with your own art I mean) which is why I'm also trying to move away from sprites and google images.

Check out my Newgrounds account:… to see my popular sprite series called Pokemon: World of Chaos.

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I almost never play online.
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Dude just saw Pokemon world of Chaos yesterday. Nice work man. can`t wait to see more episodes.
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