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    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Prevoiously on the unnamed fanfic looseley based on my World of Chaos series, a bunch of stuff that made no sense happened. Which brings us to page 4, the long awaited battle between Carter and Ember.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  How many more pages of this is there?

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Nine in total.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  Aww... Man!

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Oh come on. All you have to do is sit there and make sarcastic comments. Which is pretty much all you do anyway. Besides, this page should be short because it's mostly just the battle. So let's go.

Xenomorph:  Carter sighed as he sifted through the evidence one by one the pieces began to fall together, they were pictures of his team. He sighed and looked at them with a scowl "So she isn't dead after all..." He sighed and looked at Bravador returning him and walking out "I am going to take care of some loose ends." He walked out and headed to another one of his bases following his clues he firgued it would be the next one hit. Carter looked around and growled "I know you are here ember, so come out before I destroy the building with you in it!"

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Not sure how he figured out WHERE to look for her from just a picture of his team, but I digress...

God-of-Death:  "Hm, I was just about to leave so I really don't care what you do with the building. Its going to be over run by Dark Pokemon soon anyways." Ember said with a shrug. "I blew up the generator with one of my new Pokemon. You wouldn't know him." she added.

Carter groewled at her and pushed her to the building "Do you know what your doing?!? I am trying to save the world from the dark pokemon and yet you keep letting them in! How am I supposed to continue my research if you insist on being such a little thorn in my side." He pulled out his pokeball and sighed "I have a few new pokemon as well and tonight they are going to teach you a world of pain. Go Eelektross! KlingKlang!"

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  Carter's a scientist now?

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Not sure what research he's talking about. He said he was trying to make Ditto's permanently transform but I don't see how that solves the Dark Pokemon problem.

God-of-Death: "Trying to save the world. By joining Team Rocket! Your making Ditto's change into Pokemon permentily. Do you know what that does to them. Charcoal, Star go." Ember said sending out her new Charmander and her Equuz. "Star, Night Slash. Charcoal Fire Blast." Ember said. Star rushed at Eelektross with a night slash, while Charcoal used the Fire Blast on KingKlang,"

Xenomorph:  Carter growled and sighed "You wouldn't know anything! You are the absolute weakes t person I know... Always being the damsel in distress, your feelings for me made you weak. Truth be told I knew of your feelings long before the chaos clouds but I showed no intrest in you! You were my partner, not my lover! And yet you couldn't see that and constantly tried to build up your courage to speak to me about it instead of using it to better yourself. Eelecktross Flamethrower on her Equuz! KlingKlang use Earthquake!" Eelektross picked up the small pokemon by the hand and charged up a powerful stream of flames in the pokemons face. Klingklang slammed it's body into the ground but was KO'ed by the fire blast. Carter sighed and returned the pokemon "Go Toxicroak!" The Poison Frog was let out.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  This is making my brain hurt. How is Ember the weakest person he knows and always a damsel in distress if she's going around blowing up Team Rocket bases? "constantly tried to build up your courage to speak to me about it instead of using it to better yourself." What does that even mean? 

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Instead of wasting her courage on admitting her feelings for him, using it to fight enemies and grow stronger I guess. It's still a weird line. I'm beginning to think Carter has bipolar disorder. Since he swings from indifferent to pissed off pretty quickly.

God-of-Death:  Charcoal and jumped into the air and dodged the earthquake, landing on Eelektross. "Mega Punch." Ember said returning the fainted Star. "And I have gotten better since then.Hell Fire go." Ember said sending out her now evolved Hellberus. "Douple Flamethrower, and Shadow Ball." Ember said. Hellberus used Flamethrower from the two outside head, and the middle head used Shadow Ball, all aimed for Toxicroack.

Eelecktross was hit by the Mega Punch but survived and grabbed ahld of the small fire pokemon "Eelektross use Thunder!" Eelecktross growled and let down a lightning strike on him shocking Him and the CHarmander. That along with the Flamethrower Had KO'ed Eelecktross. He growled and pulled out onter pokeball "Go Ophiasange and Use Dark Pulse!" The Toxicroak looked at him and smirked "Dodge them and go in for a Cross Chop!" Toxicroak Jumped out of the way and jumped at the Pokemon

"Grab Toxicrock with Shadow Sneck, then use triple crunch." Ember said. the middle head grabbed onto Toxicroak and the three heads then used crunch. They took a bit of damage from x-chop but not a lot.

"Chacoal, counter with Blast Burn." Ember said. The little Charmander opened its mouth and sent out the powerful fire type attack after dodging the Dark Pulse.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  This fight might be more interesting if I knew what the heck an O-phi-a-san-ge was.

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  What we need is some appropriate music for this epic Pokemon fight!  [link]

Xenomorph:  Toxicroak was grabbed by the large three headed dog and looked at him "Hit him with a force palm!" Carter commanded. Toxicroak hit the pokemon with a slamming palm. Ophiasange took the blastburn like a pro and growled "Use Confuse Ray!" The pokemon looked at the Charmander and shot a ray into him

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  Wait, did the Pokemon say "Use Confuse Ray" or did the trainer?

God-of-Death:  Charmander became confused and ended up fainting itself, while Force Palm almost finished off Hell Fire. "Chacoal return, Hell Fire flame thrower. Go Star." Ember said. Her Equuz had also evolved into Unicuoz. "Star attack Toxicroak with Dark Pulse." Ember said, having all her Pokemon focus on the one at the moment.

Toxicroak looked at them and sweatdropped as the flames and Dark Pulse hit him knocking him down to very near fainting health. Carter looked at him "Hit Hellfire with A U-turn!" Toxicroak did just that jumping at the pokemon then switching out for Bravador. Carter sighed and looked up at Ember "Just give up... You can't beat me you never could!"

"I can so, Hell Fire return." Ember said returning the now fainted Hellburus. "Your up Holy Fire." Ember said sending out her Quolin, who had evolved. "Star attack Ophinsage with Iron Tail. Holy Fire, purify Bravador with Holy Flame." Ember called out. Quolin light its whole body in a white flame, then charged forward stopping just before the enemy to let loose the flames from around its body to go all over the field. Star jumped up and over the flames, and came down on Ophinsage with Iron Tail, or tried to anyway.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  I am so lost. Good thing I have a expert trainer who can tell me what's happening in the battle.

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Hmm... Beats me!

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: *facepalms with a hard slap* Ow...

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Well, not only are they using fan made Pokemon, but they also have nicknames for them. Which makes them extra hard to follow.

Xenomorph:  Bravador was hit by the devastating attack and looked at Quolin who he had been friends with for a long time. He let out a growl as the smoke cleared and he stood there pointing his swords "Bravador Sacred Sword!" Bravador charged at the Kirin pokemon and slashed at him. Ophiasange moaned as hit was brough to it's knees by the iron tail "Ophiasange Confuse Ray!" Ophiasange nodded and shot a ray at Star.

Carter looked at her and growled "You could have joined me! Taken a seat by my side but you chose to leave and go off for Cinnabar Island! You left me after dropping a bomb like you loved me! I hate you Ember! So I will defeat you and then I am going to torture you..." He glared nothing but pure hatred in his eyes.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: Whoa, whoa, whoa! TIME OUT! How could she have dropped a bomb on Carter by admitting her feelings for him, when he clearly said earlier that he already knew her feelings for him. And said she was weak for secretly loving him?

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: You caught that too huh? Well in the heat of battle, a person's true self can come out.

God-of-Death:  "I was going to Cinnibar to protect you. They where either going to send you or me, so I offered to go in your place. I never made it to the island. Instead I crashed on an island and watched as a boat load of people were attacked and killed by water type Pokemon. Thankfully for me, at the time the island wasn't affected by the fog yet. Well, I spent six months on the island watching as the fog slowly took over the mind of the Pokemon. I had to flee for my life. I come back and find out that you never even went looking for me. Instead you join Team Rocket and became an executive. Fine, try to beat me all you want Carter. Try to torture me, but nothing you do will ever compare to losing you to team Rocket, or to watch as Pokemon I became friends with turned evil, or watching a boat of people die. Just know this Carter, your dead to me." Ember said angerly. "You hear me, Carter died six months ago when I vanished."

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: They were going to send him instead and she offered to take his place? And she watched a boat full of people die? Geez, when did that happen in the last page?

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Once again, we don't know why Carter and Ember were being strong armed into these missions in the first place. And I guess I have to keep repeating it, but the change into Dark Pokemon was worldwide in an instant. Not slowly as the clouds spread over the Earth.

"Now, Star swift, Holy Fire, show Carter the True Path of a Champion. Heaven's Flame." Ember said, returning Star when it fainted. Heaven's flame was similar to Blast burn in power, but it would hit all enemy's on the field. It not only require a recharge time though, but had recoil damage as well. Ember had avoided using the move after she had discovered because it was a double edged sword. Quolin jumped into the air and made fire rain down from above.

"Sorry, Bravador, I know where friends, I still want to be your friend, but Carter has turned dark and evil and has hurt my trainer deeply. I shall do what it takes to help heal her heart." Holy Fire said to the other.

Xenomorph:  Carter looed at her and looked away "You are right... Champion Carter is no more! Admin Rocket Carter is the new me! And now I will show you the true path of Darkness! Ohpiasange use Destiny Bond to her Quolin! And Jump infront of Bravador." Carter looked at her and chuckled "You have indeed grown stronger... but you were always weak... training using nothing but baby pokemon, it made you weak! And the only reason I volunteered to tag team with you was not because we made the most perfect team it was because I wanted to protect you from the dangers. But now I only wish for you to die like the weak pathetic creature you are!"

Bravador nodded "I am sorry too my old friend, I am aware of this... Carter has grown twisted due to your trainer's dissapearance! And I knwo you must protect your trainer, but I owe my Loyalty to my own." Bravador Bowed to Holy Fire.

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Oh, their Pokemon are talking now. And what is with Carter being such a jerk? I bet Ember still has the hots for him though. Why do girls think being a jerk is sexy?

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: What are you staring at me for? That must be a human girl thing because I would have shadow-rushed Carter into oblivion by now.

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Aaaannnddd... That's it for this page! Wow, it was pretty short.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: My favorite page so far...

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Okay, thanks for reading. And of course, I'm doing this for fun, not to be mean or spiteful to the authors. Join us next time for page 5, where things really start to get screwy, literally.
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