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    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:
 Hello friends! I am Teejay and this is my Gardevoir. Today we are going to look at page one of a fanfic loosely based on my Pokemon fan series, World of Chaos.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: First, Teejay will tell me what a fanfic is.

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: A fanfic is when a person likes a story made by someone else and writes their own version or spin off.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: Why wouldn't someone just come up with their own story instead of ripping off someone else's?

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Careful Gardevoir, WoC is a fanfic I based on someone else's idea. If I had written an original story, you wouldn't exist.
Now, let's get right down to business. The story we'll be reading is called... Uh... It has no title, only "Pokemon World of Chaos 1x1 between God-of-Death & Xenomorph". It's one of those stories that get passed between different authors with each one taking a turn writing a part. It was started in Dec 2012 and the author's recently decided to pick it back up again. The profile pages on the author's seem to imply that the God-of-Death is a female and Xenomorph is a male, so that's what I'll go with. Sorry if it's wrong. Okay, here's the link for the story:…

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Holy shit. Gaia online? I haven't messed with that site since like 2002. One last thing, though I may pillory this story a bit and point out the incontinuities with my plot, this is by no means an attempt to be mean or get revenge at the authors. I'm flattered they like my story. That being said, it is also not an endorsement. I do not approve or okay any spinoffs of my series. And while I can't stop people from making them, I can say they are non-canonical. This is just for fun. Now let's meet the...

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: My turn to talk! I'll introduce the main characters! The story's two heroes are some guy named Carter Belmont and some not-guy named Ember Minato. And their Pokemon are... Not Pokemon. What the heck are these things?

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: It's fan made Pokemon. Though I'm not sure if this :icondarksilvania: artist is one of the authors of this story or not. I haven't been able to contact the authors of this story because I don't have (nor want) and Gaia online account.

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: You can't just make up your own Pokemon!

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Sure you can. Although I do find it pretty annoying because its hard to visualize the battles in my head when people use made up pokemon. Okay, time to start the actual story!

Xenomorph: Carter let out a sigh and watched over the waves as the boat sped and sliced through the water like a knife through butter. He let out a small sigh and thought about it, the Chaos Clouds had affected over 1/3 of all the pokemon region and they were spreading... soon they would begin to affect the whole world unless someone put a stop to it. Luckily someone was dumb enough to take that job, One of the Champions from Kanto... He apparently had a Snag Machine, though his retreival of it is still unknown. Though this man would save the pokemon universe it was up to some newer champions to take charge and stake out crime teams. This was left to Carter and Ember, two friend who had battled together since it their journey began.

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Hang on, there seems to be some confusion among my fans about the Chaos Clouds. They didn't start at a central point and spread out over the world, they were instantaneous, world wide, with no warning. And even though I beat the elite four, I never defeated a champion and thus did not become one myself. And I'm not from Kanto, I'm originally from Johto, though I live in Unova now.

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: "soon they would begin to affect the whole world unless someone put a stop to it. Luckily someone was dumb enough to take that job"
He's talking about you. Haha. You're dumb, he says.

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Could have been worded a little better. Like maybe "brave enough" or "crazy enough" or even "ballsy enough"...

Xenomorph: Carter let out a refreshed sigh that did not reflect the serious look on his face, they were going to war, and it would not be pretty. Carter looked over at Ember and then back at the ocean tides "This may be the last time we smell air that is not putrefied by death and disease, It would be wise to savor as much of it as you can." Carter was always rather serious, especially when it came to the dark pokemon. In fact he had an incident with the Dark Pokemon that had caused this matter to become more of a greater influence on him. He let out a sigh leaning on the bars of the boat.

God-of-Death: Ember looked about her on the boat. "Yeah I know, but at the same time, the peace may not last the whole boat ride." Ember said sighing. She was a lot softer then Carter, but she hated the dark Pokemon. They had killed her family before she could get to them to save them. She had also lost her very first Pokemon, a little Eevee she had named Eve. Eve hadn't been an offical Pokemon her team, as it was more of a pet, but it had jumped in from of a Mega punch that a Hitmonchan had been trying to use on her. Ember had sent out Serpent, her Paracuda, but it was too late to save Eve. After that, Ember vowed to take down all of the Dark Pokemon that crossed her path. She didn't want to go to the front lines to do it though.

"Carter, there not going to send us to Cinibarr island are they." Ember asked the other. She had heard about the three other champions that had gone there and vanished.

Xenomorph: Carter looked at her with a serious glare "We will be fine, they aren't stupid enough to send another team to the Islands... And relax, the captain will turn on the cloaking generators and we will be fine... As far as any dark pokemon is concerned, we aren't their. We are going to be used to deal with the Teams, Galactic, Rocket, Plasma, Magma and Aqua." He turned around and put a hand on her shoulder "There will be a possibility that... that will be worse than Cinnabar, only considering if the find us... they will not be kind..." He looked up seeing the clouds darken and turn a purple color "It looks like were coming into range... Captain! Cloak us!" The Captain saluted before turning on the generator. Carter let out a sigh and continued staring out over the sea.

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Hmm... A few things here. Firstly, how can their mission be worse then Cinnabar since no one knows exactly what happened on the missions to Cinnibar? Also, Team Plasma disbanded before the Chaos Clouds appeared. Team Magma was responsible for digging the many underground tunnels between the cities and Team Aqua currently run the trade routes by sea. This earned both teams amnesty from past crimes. And once again, you can't "come into range" of the Chaos Clouds, they're world wide!

God-of-Death: "It'll be fine, I just worry is all. I just wish I knew what happened is all." Ember said looking to the dark clouds. She had lived in Kanto, but when the dark clouds first started to come in, her parents sent her to be a trainer in a safer region. She had meet Carter there as a scared little girl starting a Pokemn journey for the first time in a region she had never seen. She remember there first gym battle together and what he said to make her go in and battle.

~ Flash Back ~

"Ember we have to go in and battle them for the first badge." Carter said.

"I know, but I'm scared. What if my team gets hurt." Ember said.

"It'll be fine, because you trained your team well, and I'm right here next to you." Carter said. Ember smiled and was ready to face them.

~ End Flash Back ~

"Thats right, everything will be find, because Carter is next to me." She said.

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: THERE WAS NO SAFER REGION! AHHH... *foams at mouth*

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: Oh look, the heroine wants the hero as a mate. Didn't see that coming...

Xenomorph: Carter smiled and shook his head, it had been the first time he had smiled all day "You are right Ember... But I still concern myself for your safety. And that is why i say, if anything happens... You run and do not look back." Carter sighed and looked back at the sea, watching the pokemon in the water. They looked silent, but much like waiting for prey, stalking. There was an evil sense to them, there was no tranquility in these water anymore. He let out a sigh again, a sigh filled with nothing but old memories and ancient sadness. He took another glance at ember then returned his gaze to the vast ocean in front of them.

God-of-Death: "I won't leave you Carter. I left Eve, and she died, I wont let the same thing happen to you." Ember said. She looked at the water and sighed. She had thought about letting out Serpent to play in the water, but not with the looks of those Pokemon. "Who are we to watch first." Ember asked. "And are we doing an inside mission, or just watching the building."

Xenomorph: Carter looked at her and shook his head "This isn't a request it is an Order, If I have to I will get Mantaracne to carry you out of there..." He looked at her with serious eyes "And I will not discuss it. You will not persuade me otherwise." He turned slowly to watch the approaching shore. He could already tell that it was worse on the shore than it was on the sea even though the seas were full of pokemon. He looked at her and shook his head "We should not discuss this right now... and as for our mission we are going incognito, studying up on Admins Jessie and James. We will have to leave all but two pokemon with the Jenny's"

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:Wow this Carter guy sure is bossy. Reminds me of you, Teejay.

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Considering that I'm team leader, I'm supposed to be. Carter isn't making much sense here though. On the battlefield, your allies are part of of your survival assets. You certainly don't want them to "run away if anything happens". That's probably just Carter's idea of being a good leader/friend but all it will get him and his friends is DEAD.

God-of-Death: "Alright, I'm bring Hell Fire with me then. If we get attacked by them I want my Fortrius with me." Ember said. Half of Ember's team where fire types, and all of them were in there first form. When people asked her for the reason, she said there was never a reason to evolve them. Her and Carter countered each others weaknesses pretty well. "Carter, has anyone from the Kanto yet seen the newer Pokemon." Ember asked next. (Plot twist, will remove if you don't like) The choas clouds showed up about five years after a new region entered into the official Pokemon league. Before that it had been cut off from the rest of world. Because the region was only about 15 years old, not a lot of people new about it, or had seen only of its Pokemon. The advantage to this was that the Pokemon hadn't all become dark in the region. Just in small areas. It was spreading though, which is why Ember and Carter where sent here to help. The region wanted the Chaos clouds stopped before it got to bad there.

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:So Carter and Ember are from a NEW region, and were sent out to stop the Chaos Clouds from reaching their island. And yes, we know that the clouds were world wide and would have already infected the whole place.

Xenomorph: Carter sighed "Then I will be bringing Thornevil... He will be quite useful being a rock type and it will help me blend in since he is a poison type as well." He looked at her and thought before sighing "Yes... we need to be careful... I say the second pokemon we have be from Kanto-Unova... just to avoid suspicion." He sighed as they landed on the island "I will talk to jenny see if they got two pokemon they can spare.

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Smart thinking by Carter this time. Using a bunch of Pokemon that haven't been classified yet would draw attention to you.

God-of-Death: "Yeah I think we should do that. We're world famous as the Champions of the new region. As soon as we use our normal Pokemon they'll know who we are." Ember said. "They may not know what our team is made up of though, so we can throw them off with borrowed Pokemon for a while at least." she added as they hit land. "Ready to do this." she asked.

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Not sure it's a good idea to become a spy if you're world famous.

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: Weren't you world famous when you became a spy?

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:Nope. Gary was the glory hound on the Frontlines, I just stayed in his shadow. Which was how I liked it. So after the war, I was still relatively unknown.

Xenomorph: Carter fixed his Headband and nodded "Lets go..." He walked out of the boat as they were stopped on Land by three Jenny's "Stop... Name and Identification." Cart sighed and pulled out his Trainer Card "Carter..." The Jenny's looked over it and nodded "So, we will be debriefing at Lacramosa Town... by then we will have your uniforms and anything you will need... Uh is there anything you will need?" Carter looked at Ember and then at the Jenny's "Well we will need a rental pokemon, using a whole team of our pokemon may tip them off, I need a Toxicroak and Ember... well she will tell you what she's going for..."

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:Haha... Hahaha...

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:What's so funny?

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:They said earlier it was worse on the shore then in the sea. They hit land and got all excited, "Ready to do this?", "Let's go!", gets carded by a couple of Jenny's. Wow, that was dangerous, glad they made it okay. Things must not have been to bad on shore if there's some Jenny's just hanging around the beach checking people's IDs. And also, a "briefing" is BEFORE the mission, a "debriefing" is AFTER the mission.

Ember showed them her identification. "I need a Houndoom." Ember said to them. It was close enough to her own Hell Fire for her to easily make it look natural, like it was her Pokemon. The Jenny's nodded and lead the way to Lacramosa town.

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:She got a Houndoom too.

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:I know. How dare she.

Carter smirked at Ember and shook his head "Ember, using fire type pokemon, talk about a redundancy" He shook his head and looked at the Jenny's before walking onto the tram and sighing. This would be the first time he was seperated from his team, he was kind of sad. Though he knew it would only be for a short time, he was worried he would not make it back. "Jenny's If I d not make it back, I want you to divide my pokemon among the people on this list." He said giving her the list and then looking at Ember. He gave her a smile.

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:That makes me wonder, what does happen to a person's pokemon if they die?

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:They're given to the dead person's family. Or put up for sale if the person has no family. 

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:They sell dead people's Pokemon? That sounds kind of sleazy.

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:Well before the Chaos Clouds, they would just adopt them out, but now that wild Pokemon can't be caught, captured Pokemon are too valuable to just give away. I think Gardevoir's are sold for around 30,000 pokedollars.

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:Is that a lot?

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:Kind of.

"Here is a list for my team should I not return." Ember said. "And Carter, you know half my team are fire types for a reason." Ember said grinning. Ember had used fire types mostly because of her name. It was a joke to begin with, but then she proved to be great with fire types, making her a champion with Carter. Equuz had been a gift from Carter, a bit of a hint to use other types. She loved the Pokemon so much, then she went out and caught a Volbun and Paracuda right away. She had also tried to catch a Pokemon he would want, but hadn't had any luck. She had cried when she came back without a Pokemon him.

   Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:Well that's it for page 1 everybody. So far, it's not very good to be honest. Mostly because it isn't making sense yet. These are champions from the new region sent to solve the mystery of the Chaos Clouds and they go about it by on spying on criminal teams? Why? Hopefully a central plot or conflict will become apparent soon.

Once again, I'm not making this to be mean to the author's or anything, I really had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you had fun reading. See you next page!

   Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: Bye audience!
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This is gonna be good.
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