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    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Welcome back. I am Teejay and this is my Gardevoir. We're currently reading a fanfic on Gaia Online loosely based on WoC (and mocking it a bit). This is not to be mean or disrespectful to the authors, it's just for fun. Let's get started! Here's the link to page 2:…

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  When we last left our melodramatic pair of heroes Carter and Ember, they were taking a mission from Officer Jenny to go undercover in Team Rocket. Gee... DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR!?

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: I can't wait to hear what their mission is.

Xenomorph:  Carter chuckled and nodded "I know, but I love to point it out still" He sighed and thought about everything that would transpire. Once they got to Lacumosa they were rushed to the briefing room and given the rocket clothing. Carter looked at ember and walked off coming back in his rocket clothing "Ok..." It was the standard grunt male clothing. He sighed and sat down "So what are we to do there?"

Ember changed into the female rocket grunt uniform. "Rumour has it that Jessie and James have Ash's Pikachu. Seeing as Ash went missing three years ago, we can't tell if this is true or not. We need you to get in there and find out. If its true, grab Pikachu and leave. If not, then find out how the rumour was started." Jenny 13 said. Ember nodded and got ready to go, putting the two Pokeball's on her uniform belt.

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: Sounds like the standard triple S, Sneak, Snatch, and Split. Get in, get the pokemon, and get out. I did that lots of times. What I don't get, is why the have to find out who started the rumor.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  Why are they bothering to find a person's Pokemon if the person has been missing for three years? What's so special about this Pikachu?

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  I remember Gary mentioning someone named Ash who had a Pikachu. Although I believe the term he used was "Damn Pikachu". I never met this Ash myself.

Carter rubbed his head and sighed "Ash's Pikachu huh? Well that will be hard considering that if they break him he would be a powerful investment to their goal of world domination." He looked at Ember and chuckled smirking "Well you know we could probably still sell the duo still if we pull off some gimmik." Jenny 17 looked at them and smiled "You could always be a couple." Carter blushed slightly with a stunned look on his face "Oh... Y-yeah, uh wh-what do you think? Obviously just as uh...a fake relationship."

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  One Pikachu will help them conquer the world? He must be the most powerful Pikachu ever!

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  What does this have to do with solving the mystery of the Chaos Clouds? Does Pikachu know some useful info about them? And Carter isn't going to be a good uncover agent if he can't even get into character. Hey, you wanna bet we never hear of this Pikachu thing again?

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  Why would you think that?... You read ahead didn't you?! You jerk! We were supposed to read this together!

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  I didn't read ahead, I'm just guessing! It's a writer's hunch.

"Oh um, okay I Guess." Ember said a bit acuardly. She had secretly been crushing on Carter for a few years, but had never gotten up the courage to tell him. By the time she found it in her, she had to use her courage to battle the dark Pokemon without losing her Pokemon.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  Crushing on him? What does that mean?

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Remember? She is attracted to him.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: Like a mate? Why did she wait years instead of just asking him? What a stalker.

Carter let out a sigh and looked away "So we got our cameo's established... when are we going to head out." Jenny 13 smiled "In the morning, we have your recruit papers and everything. So you are both ready to go ok?" Carter looked at Ember and smiled walking to the mess hall, he was rather hungry at the moment, and he needed to say goodbye to everyone

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13: I believe the correct term here would be "alias" and not "cameo".

"Guys, I'm not letting anything happen to Hell Fire, but if we don't come back, promise me that'll you'll find good trainer to take care of you, and that you won't seek revenge. If Carter comes back without me, make him your new trainer and do what he says." Ember said smiling softly at her team in her room later. "Holy Fire, I know this will be hardest for you, because you were my first Pokemon and we've been threw everything together, and know that the reason I'm not bringing you is because I love you too much to see you get hurt. I think Hell Fire will be able to get back better then me." 

Carter chuckled as his team looked at him with worried yet serious faces "Oh come on guys I wont let Thornevil get hurt and I know you will do fine..." He sighed and rubbed his head "But.. if, I do not make it... Then Ember is your new trainer... Be good and listen to her... ok guys?" They all nodded and sighed looking over at Thornevil who looked at them with a nod returning to his ball. Carter got his food and sat down as they began to eat and enjoy the rest of the day. Late at night Carter came to his and Ember's room and began changing into his pajamas. He sighed and landed into bed laying down.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13: Why'd they change into the rocket outfits, if their mission wasn't till the next day?

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  To see if they fit, I guess?

Ember was sitting on her bed starring at the ceiling. She was scared about tomorrow if she was honest with herself. Ember sighed and rolled over onto her side here Kibishi was. She smiled and hugged the Pokemon to herself, going to sleep.

Xenomorph:  Carter sighed and laid down looking up and thinking... what would happen, the lives they lived were constantly put in danger, this was the life of a champion. His mind began to mull over what would happen if he decided to just forego the trainer life, settled down... got married, suddenly a flash of ember's face grew in his mind. He blushed slightly and shook his head. They were partners, friends... He couldn't tarnish their relationship with something like that. Plus he wasn't sure he felt that way with her... he was just to focused on the current situation at hand.

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  I don't think having your life put in danger is all that exclusive to being a champion. Like I said, I'm not a champion and I lost count of how often I've almost died.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  Asking Ember to be his mate would tarnish their relationship? I don't understand that at all.

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  I guess like... If she rejected him, it would create a rift between them.

That night Ember dreamed of getting married to Carter and having a family. She dreamed of teaching the kids to battle by battling against Carter, then letting the kids battle. There was no dark mist, or dark Pokemon and there was peace in the world. She didn't have to dress like a grunt to check to see if someone had a Pikachu that may have belonged to Ash or not. She didn't have to worry about her Pokemon dying. She didn't have to worry about losing Carter. Ember woke up with a tear in her eye for that lost dream and quickly whipped it away along with the others that came. "I'm fine Spirit, there is no use dreaming of something that will never happen." Ember said. "But I have up my mind now. I'm going to tell him today. Because if I die, I don't want to have regrets."

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  "That will never happen."  Geez, what a defeatist. How could she know that? I guess we'll see what happens when she confesses her love to him.

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:   I'm pretty sure you won't have any regrets when you die anyway, cause you'll be dead.

Carter started at the pokeball of the Toxicroak that was given to him, he let out a sigh as he got dressed in his rocket grunt uniform and walked outside for a bit. He sighed and looked around at how the place survived, it was a national catastrophe. They all looked like they were trying to survive a hurricane due to how many people were huddled here, broken and injured. He watched As Montroscrow was helping everyone and Bravador was helping make food for them. Carter smiled and sighed walking into the room and looked at Ember "Look I think we need to discuss how to go about this... I mean acting as a couple" He sat by her and looked in her eyes

"Yeah but Carter, I have something I want to tell you. n case neither of us come back from this mission, I want to tell you that I like you as more then a friend." Ember said. "I know right now your more focused on surviving right now, and this mission, but I just wanted to tell you."

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  Not a very convincing confession. Let's see what Carter says.

Carter looked at her and then sighed rubbing her leg before chuckling softly and waving his head "Ember... I am not going to give you any hope.... Ember we are at war against so many odds at the moment..." Carter sighed and took her cheek and smiled "But you will still be my friend ok? I know that that may not mean much... but I mean it in the best way possible, you are my closest friend and... at them moment I can't think of you as anything else at the moment." Though at the moment the Jennys were watching this and sighed "We need to do something about that! Send in the Luvdisc." They nodded before they had a Luvdisc send loving images into his head of him and Ember. Carter looked down at her and smiled before taking her cheek and pulling her closer and kissing her deeply.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  What the hell, he rejected her?! To be fair, he did say he didn't want to tarnish their relationship by being her mate. Which still makes no sense to me at all.

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  What gets me is the "We're at war against so many odds right now." What?! I wish they would establish exactly what he is talking about. Take me for example: Team Galactic and Rocket currently want my head on a platter. I'm only two badges into my attempt to face the elite four, and that's just so I can earn the right to go on a mission that no one has survived yet. I'd say I have a much better excuse for not wanting to get involved with someone right now.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  I'm also sure that Luvdisc can't make people fall in love.

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Well the PokeDex does say that if Luvdisc is found by by a couple, they will have eternal love. Not sure if that means that it can actively mind control people into loving. And I don't think the Jenny's would do that anyway. All the jenny's I've ever met are very professional, to a fault actually.

Ember closed her eyes as he kissed her, but with her eyes close, she sensed something. She opened her eyes and saw the lovedisc, and broke the kiss. She walked over to the Jenny's. "I know you guys where trying to help, but I don't want a fake love with Carter." Ember said angry and leaving. Houndoom and Hell Fire in their Pokeballs on her belt.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  Wow, she took that pretty well. If someone mind controlled me into kissing you, I'd smack them so hard, they would starve to death before they stopped spinning.

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  I still think the Luvdisc thing is bullshit. They totally knew what they were doing.

Carter watched as she left and he snapped out of it, he had no idea what just happened. He stood up and walked out looking around before joining Ember with an awkward sigh. He looked away and sighed shaking his head "Ember... I-I think it is best for this mission that we not be a team..." He sighed and looked at her "I say we split up..." He could only keep his eyes on her for a second before walking off

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  Are all human relationships this melodramatic?

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  I hope not, or I'm staying single. These guys have one fake kiss and now they want to abandon their whole fake couple cover? These guys aren't going to be very good at going undercover, I bet they blow it within like, an hour. Oh well, I'm not exactly sure how effective the couple cover would have been anyway since Team Rocket discourages members from being in relationships, especially with other rocket members.

    Gardslotface by teejaynumber13:  Wow this page is done already? Our heroes didn't exactly accomplish much here did they? Which kind of makes me fell like WE didn't accomplish much either. Maybe page 3 will be better? Coming soon!

    Beatteejay by teejaynumber13:  Cya!
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i am wondering why Gardevoir talk with you. She is out of your Team and in the wilderness.
So what is happen?
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Its not exactly timeline sensitive.
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